5 Reason Why People Failed MLM Business In Malaysia

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My wife and I are professional network marketer and we have been building our network marketing business since March 2018.

As a professional network marketer, we are always learning about the MLM business.

Personally, I learnt the most from other successful MLM business leaders.

One of the most successful MLM business leaders in Malaysia is Mr. Foo Howe Kean.

If you didn’t know, Mr. Foo Howe Kean is a Founders Crown Ambassador with the Amway organisation.

There are only a handful of Amway Founders Crown Ambassador and what they have accomplished is no easy feat.

If you want to learn how to build a successful MLM business globally, Mr. Foo is the “Grand Master” that you should be listening.

But before I proceed, please know that I am NOT an Amway member nor am I associated with Amway in any way.

Nonetheless, I love learning from successful local and also international MLM leaders.

In this article, I want to share what I’ve learnt listening to a talk by Mr. Foo Howe Kean.

The topic of his talk is “Why many people failed in MLM business”.

If you want to listen to his full talk, click here.

The following are the notes that I took from his talk.

These are the 5 reasons why many are not successful building a MLM business in Malaysia.

1) They don’t believe in the product from the company.

If you are building a business, you have to be your first customer.

If you don’t use and believe in the product, how are you going to get a second customer.

Many failed in MLM business because they don’t use the product personally, therefore they don’t have the believe on their own product.

As a business owner, you must use your own product and also use your competitor’s product.

You must be able to make comparison “apple to apple”.

2) They don’t believe in the company.

Many failed in MLM business because they have doubt in the company.

Some worry that if they work hard, after 5 or 10 year, the company would not pay their bonuses.

Believe has to be developed from within.

They don’t believe in the company because they don’t know the company.

They don’t know they company because they have not attended any of the company’s meeting.

3) They don’t believe in the sales and marketing plan.

Those that failed in MLM business, they don’t really believe in the sales and marketing plan.

Firstly, probably they don’t understand the sales and marketing plan.

If a network marketing sales and marketing plan is not fair, the company will not last.

Most people do not want to be used by other people.

Therefore, they do not want to work hard and then having most of the benefits going to the upline.

That is not a fair plan!

4) They don’t believe in the potential of the business.

Those that don’t succeed in MLM business because they do not see the future potential of the business.

They see the direct sales and MLM business in their country as already saturated.

5) They don’t put in the effort to grow their business.

Those that don’t succeed in MLM business because are not willing to put in the effort.

They lack motivation to grow their business.

They lack self motivation.

There you have it, the above are the notes that I’ve taken listening to Mr. Foo Howe Kean’s talk.

I hope you’ve gained some benefits from this article.

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