Why Corporate Executive Build BE International Business?

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In this article, I thought of sharing an interview I did with a Corporate Executive from Kuala Lumpur on why he is building a network marketing business by partnering with BE International.

Corporate Executive interview

The name of the Corporate Executive that I interviewed in Ian.

According to Ian, when he was first introduced to the BE International business opportunity, he did not reject it.

Rather, he explored it further!

Reason being, doing only 1 thing in the corporate environment is quite boring.

However, Ian was quite concern of “retirement” after the corporate life.

Every corporate executive in the world will sure have to retire when they reach retirement age.

The retirement age could be 50, 55, 60 or 65 years old.

Most corporate executive started to plan for their retirement quite late.

Usually, their retirement planning is either taking out a large amount of money from their life saving to start their own business which is very risky.

Alternatively, they continue working in the corporate environment as a freelancer or consultant which means they are still doing the same thing prior to their retirement.

For Ian, he wanted something else.

He wanted to build something that will last during the peak of his corporate career.

Ian wanted to build something that has a financial potential to give him financial freedom after his retirement.

Ian also wanted the freedom to do whatever he wanted to do rather than getting stuck in the corporate environment after retirement.

Network marketing has both HUGE financial potential and freedom which Ian wanted.

That’s why he is building his network marketing business by partnering with BE International.

You need to hire a junior mechanic to do the car repair work.

Here’s the hard fact, most people that joined a MLM company will not make any money from their business.

According to a report by www.newswire.com, 97% of network marketer failed in their business endeavor.

Why so many people failed in MLM?

One of the reason is partnering with the wrong company.

By partnering with the right company, you’ve already achieved 50% success in your journey.

The other 50% is the ability to generate a constant stream of business leads for your business.

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