A Better Alternative Than A Home Baking Business In Singapore

Is it a good idea to start a home baking business in Singapore?

I thought of updating this post after reading an article on The Strait Times.

The title of the article was “Home-based businesses an important source of income for many families: President Halimah“.

In the article, it was stated:

Home-based businesses are an important source of income for many families, especially when the coronavirus pandemic has cut into household income, said President Halimah Yacob in a Facebook post on Friday (May 1).

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If you want to start a home baking business, what are the requirements?

Do you need a license to start a baking enterprise at home in Singapore?

So what I did was head over to Google to do some research online.

My answers

A lot of the answers to my legal related questions were found on Singapore Legal Advice website.

In terms of licensing, it seems you do not need a license to start a home baking business.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in Singapore oversee the home-based small scale business scheme.

Some of the guidelines in the home-based small scale business scheme are:

1) You cannot register your HDB flat address as your business address

2) Be considerate to your neighbours

3) No recruiting of employees outside of your household

4) No loading/unloading of goods via vans or trucks

5) No putting up of signboards or paid ads

6) No selling of food at stalls

As a person that runs my own home-based online business, the requirements above (other than number 2) have answered by initial question in the article.

No, it is not a good idea to start a home baking business in Singapore.

If you were to fulfill the requirements above, the potential for your baking business will be very limited and small.

I doubt you will be able to generate sufficient income to worth your time and effort.

Is there a better alternative to a home based baking business in Singapore?

Yes, there is.

It is the new and growing Wearable Technology field in Singapore.

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