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Mommy Lynn at Kobe, Japan

The above is a picture of me taken in November 2022 when I visited Kobe, Japan.

My husband and I have partnered with BE International since March 2018 selling the Aulora Series with Kodenshi far infrared ray (FIR) emitting garment.

The Aulora Series consist of the:

  • Aulora Pants
  • Aulora Socks
  • Aulora Basic Top (T-shirt)
  • Aulora Panties
  • Aulora Boxer
  • Aulora Arm Sleeves
  • Aulora Scarf

It is possible to order a pair of Aulora Pants with Kodenshi and have it delivered to your address in Sabah?

Yes, you can!

The best news is, the delivery of the Aulora Pants to your doorstep is free of charge!

How do you purchase the genuine Aulora Pants from Japan?

I will share with you the answer in this article.

Aulora Pants order

For those that did not know, the Aulora Pants exclusive brand owner is BE International.

BE International is a licensed MLM and direct selling company located at Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

Being a Malaysia based company with international expansion aspiration, BE International is also a licensed direct sale company in Singapore with its branch office in Tai Seng Centre, Singapore.

The company officially launched the Aulora Pants in Malaysia back in September 2017.

As of today, the Aulora Pants has sold over 2 million pair worldwide and has won multiple awards in the country.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the Kodenshi pants, many irresponsible people have started selling copy, imitation and cheap black leggings on online marketplaces and claiming it as the original compression garment from Japan.

The company has received many complains and subsequently issued the statement below to warn the public.

Solemn Declaration

How would you know the garment you are buying on online marketplaces is the original Aulora Pants?

If you have never seen the pants up close before, it would be very hard for you to tell which pants is genuine and which is fake.

The only way to guarantee you are getting the real Aulora Pants is to register as a member of BE International and order direct from the company using the company’s official BE4U app.

BE4U application

Above is the picture of the BE4U app from BE International which you can download for free from Google Playstore, Huawei AppGallery and Apple Appstore.

What if you don’t want to wait a few days to receive your Aulora Pants order from the courier service?

If you are located near Kota Kinabalu area, BE International actually has a Business Centre at Luyang Commercial Centre.

You can go into the office, place the order for the Aulora Pants, make payment using cash, credit card or debit card and collect your stock on the spot.

You can also pay for your Aulora Pants purchase using selected 0% interest credit card installment plan from pre-approved banks.

Below is the office address:

BE International Kota Kinabalu Business Centre

1st Floor, Lot No 13, Block C, Damai Plaza Phase III, Luyang Commercial Centre, 88300 Kota Kinablu, Sabah.

Tel no: 08-820 5796 / 016-553 7796

Business Hour : 10am – 5pm (Monday – Friday) ; 10am – 1pm (Saturday)

Sun & Public Holiday: Closed

Note: I am NOT a staff of the Kota Kinabalu Business Center.

My husband and I are Independent Business Owner (IBO) of BE International.

Before you go to the Kota Kinabalu office to purchase the Aulora Pants, firstly, you would have to register as a member.

Before you register as a member, you would have to find a sponsor.

The role of your sponsor is to provide personal customer service to you.

If you have any question in regards to the BE4U app or question about any of BE’s product, your sponsor will be your main contact person.

Many people have also asked me, can they place their Aulora Pants order using the BE4U app and then go to KK business centre to collect their stock?

The answer is no they cannot!

Reason being, online ordering and the business centre use different business processing system.

That’s all for my sharing on this post.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it has been helpful for you.

If you have any questions, you can click on the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I will assist you.

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