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How do you build a sustainable MLM business in Indonesia?

If you are reading this article, chances are you are interested in the potential of a multi-level marketing (MLM) business but are not very sure how to make it work.

In this article, I will share some information on how me and my husband built our MLM business and how we generated a constant flow of customer leads using the power on the internet.

Who am I?

My name is Lynn and I am a full-time mother and housewife.

I am also a professional network marketer meaning I build a MLM business.

Professional network builder

Me and my husband started our MLM journey back in March 2018 and since then, I managed to build a sustainable income source for myself and my family.

Currently, I have my business associates located in countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Australia, Middle East and also Indonesia.

How did I do it?

Well, the first step is to partner with the right company and also choose the right core product to promote.

You must utilise the Blue Ocean Strategy to promote your MLM business.

I wrote an article about it in the link below.

[Better Alternative For MLM Independent Business Owners]

Blue Ocean Strategy book
The Blue Ocean Strategy, a popular business and marketing book

The second step in building my MLM business is choosing a marketing strategy.

Me and my husband use digital marketing and content marketing.

In Indonesia, there are many direct selling companies such as Biogreen Science, Qnet, DXN, Amway, NuSkin etc.

One thing I noticed, the distributors or the Independent Business Owners (IBO) of the companies above, are not effectively promoting their business opportunity and product using the internet.

A lot of the IBOs in Indonesia only post and share on their Facebook page.

Only a handful has their own blog or website.

I saw a great opportunity here.

If you want to build a MLM business in Indonesia, you can use content marketing to promote your business opportunity plan and product through blogging.

This strategy is highly effective because there are not a lot of competitors on the web.

I have used the same strategy in Malaysia, and blogging has worked very well for me.

Improve your success rate

Do you know of someone that has really inspired you?

If I had to guess, you find them inspirational not because of their bank account.

Though that too is likely impressive as a byproduct.

What makes someone worthy of admiration is their virtuosity, that ineffable quality you can only attain from MASTERING your craft.

Jimi Hendrix was rarely seen without a guitar, he literally “riffed” around the clock.

Key to success

Michael Phelps trained five to six hours a day, six days a week to become the most decorated Olympian in history.

Incidentally, Simone Biles keeps a similar grueling training schedule.

Sir Richard Branson started his first venture at 16 and has since “swung the bat” more than almost anyone alive, having overseen 500+ companies in aviation, leisure, music, hospitality, radio, beverage, and many other industries.

Do you see the pattern?

Whether it’s a musician, an athlete, or a business owner, take ANYONE who is successful in their field, and you’ll find one thing they all have in common.

They’ve all put in the time to master a very particular set of SKILLS.

Now let’s bring this on home and talk about your network marketing business in Indonesia.

Now most think that success comes from hard work, or luck, or some sort of combination of the two.

Hard work is a must for sure.

And there’s probably some element of luck involved.

Though I’m a firm believer in Seneca’s sentiment that, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

But here’s the hard truth.

You can work pretty hard and still spin your wheels, as most people do, if you’re working on the wrong things.

However, if you work on the right things, and develop the right skills, your path to success is virtually guaranteed.

And in today’s age, if you want to become unstoppable, then hands-down it’s mastery of digital marketing strategies that’ll turn you into a network marketing professional.

Because if you know how to attract an audience, create authentic influence with them, and effortlessly enroll them into your MLM business, you can build a business that will set you free.

How to start?

Now, the main question is how do you get started?

If you are interested to learn how to build a stable MLM business in Indonesia by using digital marketing and content marketing, click on the link below to contact me through my WhatsApp number.

Let’s have a chat and I’ll share more with you.

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