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My name is Lynn and I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Above is a picture of me doing a business opportunity sharing online.

My husband and I are professional network marketer and we have been building our network marketing business since March 2018.

As MLM professional / network builder, one of the activities that we must always do is prospecting either offline or online.

The reason we have to prospect is to find new MLM leads for our business.

If we stop prospecting, our business will not grow.

In fact, our network will start to shrink!

Market size

How big is the direct selling industry in Malaysia?

According to Datuk Tan Chong Guan, President of Direct Selling Association Malaysia (DSAM) in an interview with New Straits Times:

Malaysia’s direct-selling industry sales are expected to grow between 10 per cent and 15 per cent this year from the estimated RM20 billion for 2020, despite the emergence of the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the year 2020, the direct selling industry in Malaysia is estimated to generate RM20 billion in sales!

Which companies generate the above sales number?

In Malaysia, there are thousands of companies that has the Lesen Jualan Langsung or direct selling license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.

There are also countless companies that are operating without a legit direct selling license.

Most large and licensed direct selling companies are registered member of DSAM.

The last I counted, there are more than 120 companies who are registered member of DSAM.

The list of DSAM members are:

  • Agape Superior Living
  • AM Life International
  • AMC Allied Metalcraft
  • Americ
  • Amway
  • Ana Edar
  • Annkang Wellness
  • ASEA Redox
  • Asia Herbal Biotech
  • Atomy
  • Avon Cosmetics
  • BE International
  • Best World Lifestyle (BWL)
  • Biing Han
  • Brilliant Point (BPI)
  • Cadware Pioneer (CW)
  • CenGreen Global
  • Chini Enterprise
  • ChungHo Nais
  • CNI Enterprise
  • Conforer Global
  • Cosway
  • Coway
  • Creative Dreams International
  • Cuckoo International
  • De Ocean International
  • Decho Bio International
  • Diamond Interest
  • Doterra
  • DXN Marketing
  • Edmark
  • Edutex Trading
  • Elken
  • Elo Water
  • Enagic
  • Excellent Household Resources
  • Extend My Network
  • Fitline PM International
  • Flantech Asia
  • Forever Living Products
  • Forlife Research 4Life
  • Gano Excel
  • Goodarch
  • Greaten Bridge
  • Grolier
  • HDI Network
  • Healthy Futures
  • Healthy Homes (Rainbow)
  • Healthy Way
  • Herbalife
  • Home Direct Shopping
  • I-Linkage Nutric
  • Immeri
  • Infinitus International
  • Jeunesse Global
  • Just Essentials
  • K-Link International
  • Kyani
  • KZ1 Global
  • Leroy International
  • LG PuriCare
  • Lifepharm
  • LifeWave
  • Luxor
  • Manamana International
  • Market Malaysia Shop (
  • Mary Kay
  • Max Health & Living
  • Max Pine
  • MD Dermatics
  • MOI Worldwide
  • Morinda
  • MPI Multi-Pure
  • N.Z. New Image
  • Natural Health Farm (NHF)
  • Nefful
  • NHTC Wellness Product (NHT Global)
  • Norwex
  • Nu Skin
  • ODC International
  • ODO
  • Ola Beleza (Natura)
  • Omni AAA
  • OMX Nutrition
  • One Green Solution (Sollife)
  • Optimo International
  • Perfect Pentagon
  • PHHP Marketing
  • Pure N Fresh (PureNFresh)
  • Qnet
  • Reliv International
  • Revell Global
  • Richnergy International (Rich Legacy)
  • Sachaway
  • Sahajidah Hai-O
  • Shaklee
  • Shuang Hor
  • Siang Hin
  • Singer
  • SK Networks Retails (SK Magic)
  • Stemey
  • Stemtech
  • Stolle
  • Successmore Being
  • Sunrider International
  • Swisderm International
  • Synergy Worldwide
  • Tasly
  • TDC
  • Thanks Ai
  • Theta Mobile (Thetaedge)
  • Tiens Health Development (Tiens)
  • Total Reach (NewLife)
  • Totalife
  • Tri Wonder International
  • True Mix
  • Tupperware
  • UGS Network
  • UHS Essential Health (USANA)
  • Unicity
  • Vasayo
  • Vii Nutrition
  • Viva Life Science
  • VMAlife
  • Wealthy Pentagon (Easecox)
  • Worldwellness
  • YMR International
  • Young Living
  • Zhulian
  • Zinzino
  • 27 Venture (Twenty7)

If you are a professional network marketer using the business opportunity offered by the companies listed above, congratulation because you’ve chosen the right business partner.

To grow your business, you need to be able to generate new business leads.

How to get more leads in network marketing?

The best place is to go online which is on social media.

The most popular social media platform in Malaysia is Facebook.

I am sure it is the same in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines etc.

There are a lot of people using Facebook and it is a great place for us to find new people for our business.

If you want to generate new leads through social media such as Facebook for your business, you need to approach it like a Professional.

However, many MLM business builders have no idea how to do prospecting properly on social media.

As a MLM business leader, I will teach my new downlines to approach their family members and friends first.

I will teach them to use the “product angle” when they are contacting their family members and friends.

The objective is sharing sincerely their personal experience using the product from the business.

Whether they buy the product or not does not matter.

We’ll leave it to them to decide.

After a while, the new downline will run out of warm market they can approach.

Those that have in the network marketing business for a while will also experience this problem.

They will run out of people in their warm market to talk to.

They will need to start approaching their cold market to generate new leads for their business.

Usually, they will start prospecting on social media.

Social media prospecting

One of the biggest issues when a network marketer tries to prospect on social media is not knowing how to do it professionally.

When they approach their cold market or a stranger on Facebook, they will come off as being spammy.

What is online spam?

How does amateur network marketers spam people on social media?

Here’s an analogy of what a spammer does.

Imagine a guy approached a girl in a mall that he doesn’t know and says “I like you, lets get married!”

What do you think will happen?

The girl will think that the guy is crazy and quickly walks away.

The guy did not stop and approached another girl in the mall and asked the same question.

The other girl will also think the guy is crazy and walks away.

The same guy approached another girl and asked the same question.

His thought process was, if he ask 100, 1,000 or 10,000 girls that he met, surely someone will say Yes to him.

That is being a spammer and no one likes a spammer!

On social media, if you were Private Message (PM) random strangers and pitch your network marketing business opportunity, your action is no different from the guy that asked random girls that he meets to marry him.

You are spamming them because you don’t know if they’re open, if they’re even looking for a business opportunity.

You don’t know anything about them.

Just because you are excited about your MLM business opportunity, you are assuming everyone else will be as well.

What is the correct way of approaching cold market or strangers on social media?

You need to be a Professional.

As a network marketing professional, you need to get to know the other person first.

Remember, in social media, there is a real person at the other end of the computer or smartphone.

You are communicating with a real person.

How do you get to know a person on social media whether they are open to business opportunity?

Let me share with you an actual example below.

Facebook prospecting

On Facebook, I’ve joined a few home business discussion group.

These are all Facebook Public Group.

To find these group is very easy.

All you have to do is type the phrase “home business Malaysia” or “home business Singapore” in the Search box within Facebook.

When you are presented with the search results, click the Groups tab.

The search results now will be narrowed down to only Public and Private groups.

Home business group

Above is a screen capture of the different groups when I searched for “home business Malaysia” on Facebook.

home business Singapore

The above is the search results within Facebook for “home business Singapore”.

What do you do when you’ve joined these Facebook groups?

What I’ll do is add value and contribute into the discussion.

Usually I will read the postings in the group and also answer questions from the group members.

The following is how I make use of Facebook groups to generate leads for my network marketing business.

One day, there was a posting on one of the FB groups that caught my attention.

Below is a screen capture of the post.

Ray Higdon's cold market social media prospecting opportunity

I have to blanked out her name and image for privacy purposes.

As you can see from the posting above, the lady is a business owner and looking for ideas on how to get more prospect and customer for her product which is a head scarf or tudung for Malay ladies.

Social media prospecting

The above was my reply to her.

I’ve suggested for her to use Facebook Live because I have done it many times and it has generated positive results for me.

Was I being spammy on Facebook?

No, I wasn’t.

She asked a question on Facebook and I sincerely shared my knowledge and experience with her.

What was the outcome from my comment in the Facebook Group?

The lady Private Messaged me and we ended up communicating on WhatsApp.

As you can see on the picture above, another group member, Mdm. Chong also reached out to me and we also ended up communicating on WhatsApp.


There you have it, the above is an actual example how I used a professional approach to generate 2 new leads from Facebook.

You don’t have to be a spammer on social media.

All you have to do is be attentive and get to know people on Facebook.

There is a reason why it is called “social” media.

We need to get to know people first so that there is a basic level or trust.

Network marketing is a business that builds on trust and relationship.

Don’t you think so?

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

If you want to know how my husband and I grew our network marketing business in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc, click the link below to contact me on WhatsApp and I’ll will share more with you.

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