How To Overcome Child Obesity In Malaysia – A Mother’s Perspective

In this article, I thought of sharing my thoughts on how we can help to reduce child obesity in Malaysia.

The inspiration for this post came after I’ve read an article titled “Childhood Obesity A Growing Health Crisis In Malaysia” published on the Lifestyle and Youth section of Bernama.

If you are not familiar with Bernama, it is the Malaysian National News Agency.

Obese child

According to the above article, there is a link between parental obesity to child obesity.

According to UM Specialist Centre (UMSC) paediatric endocrinology senior consultant Associate Prof Dr Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, children with at least one overweight parent are bound to have a four- to five-fold greater chance of becoming obese adults.

If one parent is overweight the chance of the child being obese is four to five times more, and worse still if both parents are overweight the risk is 13 times more.

In simple term, if both parents are over weight or obese, chances are their children will be over weight or obese also.

Do you know Malaysia has the highest population of obese adults in South East Asia?

According to 2011 National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS), 44.2% of adult Malaysian are obese. In 2015, the number shot up to 47.3%!

Does the Malaysian adult obesity numbers translate to Malaysian children as well?

Based on the latest data, 1.65 million Malaysian schoolchildren are expected to be overweight or obese by 2025 if we don’t do anything.

Dr Muhammad Yazid

Simple solution to help over weight or obese children

Based on the article from Lifestyle and Youth section of Bernama, child obesity is a big challenge for parents in Malaysia.

In this section, I am sharing my thoughts on how we can help fat or over weight children to slim down and loose weight.

If you have read my Aulora Pants with Kodenshi review article on this blog, you know that the compression pants from Japan has helped to relieve my back pain and also helped me to slim down.

My idea is, why not we use this amazing Kodenshi pants from Japan to help obese children to slim down?

Aulora Pants main benefit

According to the product catalog, the Aulora Pants main benefit is instant slimming without surgeries, weight loss pills, control diet or exercise.

If you are a parent with an obese child, all you have to do is let your kid wear the Aulora Pants for a minimum of 8 hours per day during day time because that is when their body is actively moving.

There is no need to change their diet if they don’t want to. If they don’t like to exercise, that is alright also because the pants will still help with slimming nonetheless.

How long would the child has to wear the Aulora Pants before seeing the slimming results?

Every person is different but I would suggest to let the child wear the pants for at least 90 – 120 days before judging the effectiveness of the pants.

[Wearing FIR Garment Effective For Slimming – Results Supported By Scientific Study]

Will the child look or feel awkward wearing the Aulora Pants?

Personally, I don’t think they will because the pants in black colour looks quite trendy and fashionable.

Check out the pictures below of chilren wearing the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Kids wearing the Aulora Pants
Children wearing Aulora Pants

Will the Aulora Pants really help your over weight child to slim down?

From my personal experience and the experience of other people wearing it, I honestly believe the pants can help.

Nonetheless, please read the disclaimer page on this blog. The content above are for educational purposes only. The pants may or may not work for you.

What worked for others may or may not work for you. But the only way to know for sure is to try it.

For all the mommies and daddies out there with over weight children, let them try the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from BE International.

It is an excellent investment for your child’s health.

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