Download Aulora Pants With Kodenshi PDF Catalog

Are you in the process of researching the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International?

Do you want to know the science behind the Kodenshi fiber technology?

What are the benefits of wearing the pants?

What are the differences between the Women and Men pants design?

Me wearing the Aulora Pants

Above is a picture of me wearing the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi Classic Black colour.

Firstly, know that the Aulora Pants exclusive brand owner is BE International.

BE International is one of the top 5 MLM companies in Malaysia.

The company is also a registered direct selling company in Singapore with it’s branch office located in Tai Seng Centre, Singapore.

If you have some of the above questions in your mind, you need to get a copy of the product catalog to provide you the answers.

The “Healthier Legs Lead To Healthier Body” Aulora Pants product catalog is available in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese version.

The catalog is in PDF file format and can be viewed on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

To get a copy of the catalog PDF file, just click the link below to contact me through WhatsApp and I’ll be happy to send to you.

Just click the link below to contact me through WhatsApp and I will share the file.

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