How To Get BE International Product Redeem Voucher (PRV)?

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Mommy Lynn Hong Kong

The above is a picture of me and my husband, Will when we went to Hong Kong.

Our trip to Hong Kong was fully sponsored by BE International through the BE Lifestyle Travel sales campaign that we’ve qualified and got 2 tickets.

Free international travel twice a year is one of the many benefits when you are building a business by partnering with BE International.

What is our story with BE?

Our introduction to BE began back in December 2017 through the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

It was only in March 2018 that we’ve decided to be serious in building a business using the business opportunity provided by BE.

As of today, our BE business is now our full time career.

Many people have asked us, what was the reason we are building a business and partnering with BE.

Well, the simple answer is to create wealth.

In our journey to create wealth for our family, every month we get paid bonuses in term of profit sharing from BE.

If you didn’t know, the BE business plan pays out 9 types of bonuses.

These bonuses are:

  1. Retail profit
  2. Performance bonus
  3. Ambassador bonus
  4. Ambassador achievement bonus
  5. Leadership bonus
  6. Development fund
  7. Year end bonus
  8. Car fund
  9. House fund

To learn more about the BE 9 bonuses, you can read the article below.

[Understanding BE International 9 Bonuses For Business Partners]

Apart from the official 9 bonuses paid out by BE, the company also provide 2 other benefits which are not listed in the business partner information booklet.

These 2 additional benefits are

In this article, I will be sharing how to get the Product Redeem Voucher or PRV from BE International.

Member’s benefit

A few days ago, one of my existing BE customer, Mdm. B, messaged me on WhatsApp.

A friend of Mdm. B has mentioned to her that there is a type of voucher that BE members can get to buy the product at a cheaper price.

Mdm. B has registered a BE member account more than 6 months ago and has been buying BE product regularly.

She wanted to know how to get the PRV so that she can buy the product at a cheaper price.

I told Mdm. B that she won’t be able to buy BE product at a cheaper price because with the PRV, she can get BE product for FREE!

She was shocked and couldn’t believe it.

I told her, it is true but the PRV is not meant for normal BE consumer because it is meant as an additional incentive for active BE Independent Business Owner (IBO).

In other words, the PRV is meant for BE members that are actively building a business using the BE business opportunity such as myself and my husband.

Triggering the PRV

Mdm. B said since she is an existing member of BE, how can she get the PRV for herself?

I told her the process is simple, she has to get promote from a normal member to the Ambassador ranking with BE.

She asked me how to get promoted to Ambassador?

I told her the minimum requirement to achieve the Ambassador ranking is to generate a minimum 8000 SV through her personal sales or personal group sale within one calendar month.

SV or Sale Value are points attached to every product in BE inventory.

When a normal BE member achieved the Ambassador ranking, he or she will trigger the Product Redeem Voucher which is 10% of the personal sales or total group sales.

The PRV can be worth over RM800.00!

The PRV will appear in the member’s BE4U application the following month.

The PRV can be used to redeem selected Aulora series product, Belixz, Beyul and Beyang product.

Mdm. B said she is very keen and asked how she can get more information about the BE business.

I told her BE has a weekly meeting online and offline and I will share with her the details.

That’s all for my sharing about the Product Redeem Voucher in this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

Note: As a disclaimer, the content above is for educational purposes only.

If you did not find the answer you are looking for, please do your own further due diligence.

If you have questions, click the link below to message me on my WhatsApp and I will assist you.

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