Aulora Socks Benefits – Effectively Reduce Water Retention

Are you a new mom and finding ways to fight the postpartum edema or water retention?

Are you wondering how long does water retention last after your pregnancy?

If you are, the Aulora Socks with Kodenshi from Japan by BE International is a solution for your water retention problem.

Water retention feet

Some mommies will experience swollen feet or ankle due to water retention up to 3 months after giving birth.

Some may even be experiencing postpartum edema 5 months after delivering their baby!

Well, it is a common condition among new mothers, so nothing to worry about really.

Over nine months, a woman goes through the most beautiful phenomena nature unveiled, and while it has its wonders, it comes with a bucket load of complications and postpartum health risks.

If you are a mother who recently gave birth, your body has done an incredibly remarkable thing but you will notice puffiness mostly in your legs or face.

With the addition of the delicate human, primary care should be given to them, but it is of utmost importance for the mother’s health, both mental and physical, to receive care as well.

Why do you swell up?

It isn’t something to worry about, but the months-long build-up of excess fluids, which add up to at least 2 – 3 kg of extra weight, is a very common issue that expectant and new mothers face.

Even the extra fluids you receive during the childbirth can add to the build-up, IV fluids that foresee a stable blood pressure, also result in edema.

The process of childbirth pushes those fluids to your upper body, allowing them to remain in your face.

Fluctuating hormone levels and the bedrest, during and after pregnancy, can also result in the retention of fluids.

What to look out for?

The fluid retention is very normal, you need not go running to a physician, and while they inconvenience you, it is not something to worry about.

That being said, when should you be worried about postpartum edema swelling caused by water retention?

You need to contact a doctor right away if the symptoms persist and develop beyond the mild or moderate discomfort or pain and you get frequent headaches with intensifying pain since this can also signify another health risk of a blood clot.

Accompanying the symptoms mentioned before, if only one side of the body is swollen, and there is morning sickness with rapid weight gain and frequent migraines, it can be preeclampsia, which is a life-threatening condition.

So keep your body under check to look out for irregularities.

Lets walk the journey towards better health

It would be much sooner than you expect, to feel like yourself again.

Based on my personal experience giving birth to 2 baby girls, it will take about 4 – 6 weeks after labour to fall back to the comfortable normalcy of your life.

Your baby’s health should be a priority, but the mother needs as much care because postpartum recovery is challenging on its own.

It is good enough for you and the baby if all you do is observe a proper diet.

While most mothers feel the need to get back to their demanding routines right away, it is recommended that they take some time off to rest, what more they need is to be mindful of every change in their body.

Overworking and exhausting yourself instead of nourishing your body will set back your recovery.

To be able to get back to better health and shed the weight you gained in pregnancy due to postpartum edema, you need to observe these little practices, and you’ll feel like your pre-pregnancy self in no time.

Drink More Water

Drink more water, if need be.

Glass of water

I know, it sounds counter intuitive, intake of fluids to flush out the retained ones!

But dehydration sets the body to hold on to more water.

Staying hydrated has a long list of benefits on its own but it is most helpful when you are trying to rid yourself of the swellings.

What happens is that water, or excess of it, aids your kidneys in flushing out more of the retained fluid and its compositions, and the waste products.

Optimum hydration keeps the kidneys at peak potential and performance.

Work up a healthy diet plan

Watch what you eat!

Crave a midnight snack from your favorite fast-food restaurant?

Too bad because your diet plans work as the driving force of your speedy recovery, therefore, a balanced diet should be observed.

You may not want to hear this, but getting the Grab Food delivery guy to tapau your late night supper is highly discouraged.

The temptation prevails though, to switch things up, but the healthier choice is to avoid high sodium or salty foods.

Common sodium-rich foods are chips, cakes, table salt, processed food, and soft drinks.

As tempting as they sound, they are unhealthy food because increased sodium levels in the blood will cause bloating, aggravating the edema.

Instead, a better idea is to rely on high-potassium food intake. Potassium helps in undoing the works of sodium.

Therefore it is better to adopt a diet where you eat fruits like bananas, apricots, or avocados, beans, lentils, yogurt, and peanut butter with lots of green such as spinach etc.

This will allow you to shed that extra weight and puffiness quicker.

Move a little

Wanting to get back to the normal routine of things?

Well, routine demands attention and you would feel the need to get back to work too but this is against the advice of the doctors.

Pregnancy comes with complications, and it is healthier for mothers to avoid staying sedentary.

Sitting or standing for long will push the fluids towards your feet, so exercise a little while you are sitting by moving your ankles in a circular motion, 10 times each clockwise and anticlockwise.

Remember to alleviate your legs when you are lying, this will avoid edema by preventing the pooling of fluids.

If you have an affinity for sports, you’ve got this!

Because what also helps is sports or exercises like yoga, swimming, walking, pilates, or aqua-natal classes.

And they sound fun too, but when you feel fatigued, stop right away and listen to your body, it knows what’s good for it.

How about post pregnancy finger swelling?

In the cases where your hands or fingers are swollen, consider raising them above your head to ease the swelling.

Wear loose clothes

Putting together a perfect outfit seems like a fun activity to do, but it is probably better than for new mothers to wear loose clothing since that will allow uninterrupted blood circulation and keep them cool, this fights heat from worsening the swellings.

Being a mother is an honor and it requires a lot of sacrifices, but that does not mean one rids themselves of their individuality and diverts their focus entirely.

Your health is just as important!

Making use Aulora Socks with Kodenshi

What else can do you to relieve swelling due to water retention after pregnancy?

Aulora Series

One solution you can try is the Aulora Pants and Aulora Socks with Kodenshi by BE International which are imported from Japan.

Apart from the pants and socks, the Aulora Series also consist of panties, boxer and T-shirt.

Personally, I have been wearing both the Aulora Pants and socks since 2018.

What is so special about the pants and socks?

Both the garment are made using the Kodenshi fabric from Japan. The Kodenshi fabric incorporate ultra-fine ceramic particles into the fiber.

As the material touches your skin, it will absorb your body heat and emit far infrared ray (FIR).

FIR will help to improve your blood circulation therefore helps to get rid of the access retained water in your body.

The pictures below are actual Aulora Pants and Aulora Socks testimonials where the FIR garments have helped them to relieve water retention in their body.

Aulora Pants and socks

The pictures above are the results of wearing the Kodenshi pants and socks for only 7 days.

In the picture on the left, you can clearly see water retention or edema on her feet. Picture on the right shows the result after wearing the FIR garments.

The pictures above show how the Aulora Socks helped to relieve water retention on her feet after just 1 week.

We have now reached the end of my article. Thank you for your time for reading this article. I hope it was informative and helpful for you.

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