Aulora Pants For Running – 3 Reasons Why It’s Great For Runners

Not too long ago, a friend of mine who is an avid runner asked me if the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan can help to improve his running experience.

Aulora Pants Women and Men

I told him, yes of course it can!

If you are a runner and you are looking for a compression leggings for running, I will share with you 3 reasons why the Aulora Pants is the ideal solution for you.

The following are the 3 reasons:

1) Increase blood circulation

The first benefit of wearing the Aulora Pants is it can help to increase blood circulation.

The increase blood circulation is not on your legs only, rather to your entire body when you are running.

How does the Aulora Pants help to improve your blood circulation?

This is done through the Kodenshi fabric technology.

The technology behind Kodenshi fabric incorporates high-purity ultra fine-ceramic particles into the fiber thread.

When the Kodenshi material touches your skin, it will absorb your body heat and then emits the far infrared ray (FIR).

The far infrared rays is what helps to improve the blood circulation in your body.

Kodenshi Fiber

The picture above shows the interaction between the Kodenshi fiber with your skin.

The Aulora Pants is made with 88.4% Kodenshi fiber one of the highest in term of FIR emitting garment in the market.

The balance 11.6% consist of polyurethane which is the elastic material in the pants.

With increased blood flow, it makes sure that your leg muscles are receiving a steady supply of oxygen which is required to sustain running performance and also speed up recovery.

2) Reduce muscle oscillation during running

The second benefit of wearing the Aulora Pants for running is its ability to reduce muscle oscillation during running.

Muscle oscillation is the muscle movement that happens when vibrations occur as your foot hits the ground when you are running.

The Aulora Pants with its segmented compression section from your ankle to your thigh can help to reduce muscle vibration and oscillation during your run.

In other words, the pants reduce muscle movement during running therefore preventing energy wastage and assists in maintaining proper body alignment.

3) Light and airy

The third benefit of the Aulora Pants is its light and airy material.

Even when you go out for a run on a hot and humid day, the sweat on your legs will evaporate quickly.

There is also no sticky feeling on your legs.

The pants material has anti-odour effect, therefore providing a clean and odourless experience every time.

Competitive runner’s Aulora Pants testimonial

In this section, I will share with you a video testimonial from a competitive runner that have wore the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi by BE International.

The testimonial is from a gentleman name Hans.

Back in March 2018, Hans participated in the World Series Powerman Malaysia 2018 competition in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Powerman is a 10 km run, 60 km bicycle ride and another 10 km run event.

Hans actually wore the pants during the entire race.

Please click on the image below to check out the video testimonial from Hans.

Aulora Pants for running

From his review and testimonial above, it is clear that the pants helped Hans by giving him some support during the race.

Hans was also quite surprised that the pants was cool eventhough he had to run and cycle in the warm Malaysian weather.

As an added benefit, the pants also helped him to recover faster after the race.

Hans felt surprisingly very fresh after the event.

Specially for runners

Are you a regular marathon or long distance runner?

If you are, why not use the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi as one of your running gear.

The pants will improve your running performance and also help you to recover faster.

No more muscle aches and joints pain after a race.

You won’t believe the beneficial results until you’ve tried it.

Wearing is believing.

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