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Will & Lynn

The above is a picture of me and my wife, Mommy Lynn taken when we visited Osaka, Japan.

Our trip to Japan was fully sponsored by BE International through the BE Lifestyle Travel campaign that we’ve qualified.

My wife and I have been building the BE International business since December 2017 when we joined the company.

As of today, we have more over 230 people that we have personally sponsored and servicing in our business.

In this article, I will share with you how you can register as a member of BE International even if you do not know how to use a computer.

New prospect

Not too long ago, I received a phone call.

On the line was Mr. John.

Apparently, Mr. John read one of the article that I published on this blog and contacted our number.

When I answered the call, Mr. John told me that he wants to register as a member of BE International and was wondering if I could help him.

I asked him how he got to know of BE?

Mr. John told me that his friend introduced Shiruto to his wife that was having some health issue.

She took Shiruto and found it to be very good.

Mr. John wanted to register as a member of BE International to buy Shiruto but he has no idea how.

I told Mr. John, no problem because I can assist him.

Mr. John told me that he is a senior citizen and not very good with computer.

In the current digital age, being able to use a computer is an essential skill.

If a person does not know how to use a computer, at least he / she must be able to know how to use a smartphone.

Smartphone is now equivalent to a computer that you can carry in your pocket.

I asked Mr. John whether he knows how to take a picture using his smartphone camera.

He said yes because he always take pictures using his smartphone with his grand children.

I told Mr. John that as long as he knows how to use his smartphone camera, I can help him to register a BE member account.

Online registration

The BE International member registration actually can be done via online.

However, the process is quite confusing if a person doesn’t know how to use a computer to do online transaction.

Nonetheless, as long as he / she knows how to use a smartphone camera function, the BE member registration can still be done via online.

I told Mr. John that I will share with him the member registration sponsor link on WhatsApp.

All he has to do is click on the link to begin the registration process.

Mr. John said Yes, he can do that.

Mr. John clicked on the sponsor link and landed on our BE sponsor page.

BE4U sponsor page

The above is a screen capture of our BE sponsor page and Mr. John had to click on the Join Now button.

After he clicked on the Join Now button, he had to enter his identity card (IC) number to begin a process known as Electronic Know Your Customer or EKYC.

If you want to know why the BE member registration has to perform EKYC, you can read this article.

To perform the EKYC, all you have to do is to take a clear picture of your physical IC.

You have to snap a picture of the front and back of your IC clearly using your smartphone camera.

Mr. John was able to take pictures of his IC front and back.

Using Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning, Mr. John’s full name, IC number and address will be captured, verified and recorded into the BE member database.

After the EKYC process, Mr. John had to select the item he wanted to order and then make payment using his credit card, debit card or online banking.

Since Mr. John is not familiar with computer, most probably he will not be able to complete the payment steps.

I told Mr. John, no worries because I will do everything for him from my side.

All he has to do is transfer RM70.00 to my bank account.

RM60.00 was for his BE Malaysia member registration fee and RM10.00 to deliver the new member kit to his address.

Mr. John said no problem because he can use the ATM machine to bank in the money.

I gave Mr. John my bank account number and he banked in RM70.00 the following day.

Member registration

As a sponsor, I can help Mr. John to complete his BE member registration.

All I have to do is enter his IC number in the BE member’s dashboard.

Because Mr. John has already performed the EKYC, his info will show up immediately.

All I have to do is pay RM70.00 using my credit card to complete Mr. John’s BE membership registration.

He will then receive a Welcome email from BE with his member IBO Code and temporary password to access his BE account.


If a person does not know how to use a computer, it can be quite confusing to register a BE member account online.

That person will need the help of his sponsor.

And as a sponsor, you would have to do everything for your downline.

As you can see from my sharing above, I did everything for Mr. John.

All Mr. John had to do was click on the sponsor link and then take a front and back picture of his physical identity card.

He then transferred the registration fee to me using an ATM machine.

I then helped him to complete his member registration after I’ve paid the registration fee using my credit card.

In the future when Mr. John wants to order BE product, I will also help him to lock in his order.

This is the level of customer service that my wife and I will provide to all of our downlines.

That’s all for my sharing in this article.

I hope it was helpful for you.

Note: As a disclaimer, the content above is for educational purposes only.

If you did not find the answer you are looking for, please do your own further due diligence.

If you have questions, click the link below to message me on my WhatsApp and I will assist you.

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