Best Pain Reliever For Sore Muscles After Workout

What is the best pain relieve for sore muscles after a strenuous workout session?

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You will be surprised, the solution is not painkiller tablets.

Rather it is a pair of compression pants.

But not any ordinary compression pants.

It is a pair of compression pants imbued with far infrared rays (FIR) emitting fabric technology known as the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Do you know wearing a Aulora Pants with Kodenshi can help to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS?

Recently, I was following up with one of my customer that bought 2 pairs of Aulora Pants from me. Below is a screenshot of our WhatsApp messages.

Aulora Pants DOMS

Apparently, during the Movement Control Order period (MCO) in Malaysia from 18th March to 28th April 2020, my customer and her daughter did some stretching and light workout at home.

After their workout session, my customer and her daughter experienced some aching muscles a few days later.

Immediately I recognised what they’ve experienced in DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness.

What is DOMS?

According to

Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is muscle pain that begins after you’ve worked out. It normally starts a day or two after a workout. You won’t feel DOMS during a workout.

Luckily my customer wore her Aulora Pants after her exercise session and she did not experience much aching body as compared with her daughter that didn’t wear the compression pants.

How did the pants managed to help to relieve delayed onset muscle soreness?

I believe is has to do with the far infrared rays (FIR) emitted by the Kodenshi fabric used to make the pants.

If you are someone who is active in sports, now you don’t have to worry about DOMS after your workout session.

You can now wear the pants to relieve your body and muscle pain caused by DOMS.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it was helpful for you.

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