Botanical Beverage Mix Drink Helped To Relieve Eczema On 3 Month Old Baby’s Skin

In this article, I thought of sharing an amazing testimonial I received from one of my WhatsApp group.

The testimonial is from a mother with a 3 month old baby that have developed eczema on his face.

Desperate for a solution to relieve the eczema, the mother gave the her baby a botanical beverage mix.

Below are the actual “before and after” pictures of the baby with eczema.

Shiruto relieve eczema on baby

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my business associate for sharing this amazing testimonial.

My neighbor told me that her three-month-old son had eczema.

The eczema problem started after the full moon. She could not drink milk.

After talking, because I have the product, I have seen other people’s eczema problem has improved, I said to give it a try.

I just want to help her.

As a mother, I understand that she just wanted to see her healthy and fat children.

The baby has been going to specialist treatments for a long time, and they have changed a lot of skin care products formulated by doctors, and steroids, etc., which cost a lot of money, and the situation is repeated.

31/3/2020 In the evening, the child’s mother ate the mixture, and in the next few days, 1 packet sooner or later, the eczema became worse and worse.

I told her that it was a better response.

She believed that I would continue to eat the product and add the doctor’s surprise at the combination of the specialty formula and the rapid recovery of the baby! 😱

It gave her child tender and fair skin in 10 days.

I was also convinced. I was really convinced. I can’t believe it.

The child’s sleep has been improved, and mom and dad can get a full rest, thanksgiving!

Thank you neighbors for believing that the product can help her child recover from eczema.

Thank you for trusting me! 🙏

Note: The child is exclusively breastfed.

Thank for for reading this short blog post. I hope it was helpful for you.

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