Aulora Feminine Foam Wash Review – My Personal Experience

In this article, I’ll share my personal review of the new Aulora Feminine Foam Wash from BE International Marketing.

Aulora Feminine Foam Wash

BE International is calling this new product as “Your Daily Intimate Guardian”.

What is so special about the Aulora Feminine Foam Wash?

Firstly, the foam wash is fully made and imported from Korea by BE International.

The packaging design is nice and clean as you can see in the picture above.

At the back of the packaging, it has the standard product description, direction on how to use the foam wash, ingredients, storage instruction and also a cautionary message for users.

The picture below is the back of the Feminine Foam Wash box.

Aulora Feminine Foam Wash back box

Inside the box is a 200 ml plastic bottle with a special foam dispenser pump. See the picture below.

Aulora Feminine Foam Wash bottle

4 benefits of the Aulora Feminine Foam Wash

The what are the benefits of using the feminine foam wash from BE International?

The following are 4 key benefits:

  1. Maintain pH balance – Using the ultra-fine and soft foam wash will help to maintain vaginal pH balance.
  2. Moisturising – With gentle cleansing effect, it will soothe your intimate skin area with coconut-based ingredients.
  3. Odour reduction – Using patented herbal fermented extract for odour control.
  4. Anti-bacterial – Effective anti-bacterial protection.

Aulora Feminine Foam Wash unique ingredients

What are the unique ingredients in the Aulora Feminine Foam Wash?

The foam wash has 3 unique ingredients which are:

1) Patented polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA)

The first unique ingredient is Gamma polyglutamic acide (GPMA).

This unique ingredient is a patented item with a Patent Number of 0582120.

What is so special with GPMA?

The function of GPMA is help to moisturise and soothe the skin of our intimate area.

It can also promote skin health.

The first product from BE International that I know know of that uses polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) is the BEYUL Moisturising Mask.

The polyglutamic acid used to make the facial mask was extracted from Cheonggukjang beans.

Based on Korean medicine books, Cheonggukjang beans is known to help maintain youthful skin.

2) Patented herbal extract

The second unique ingredient is patented herbal extract.

This extract has a Patent Number of 1168225.

This fermented extract is made of a combination of Cnidium Officinale root extract, Angelica Acutiloba root extract, Astragalus Membranaceus root extract and Paeonia Albiflora root extract.

This extract when applied has calming properties with deodorant effect.

3) Tea tree leaf extract

The final unique ingredient is tea tree leaf extract.

Tea tree leaf is known to be an effective anti-bacterial agent to help inhibit bacterial growth.

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