Aulora Basic Top Testimonial – It Helped To Reduce Snoring

Not too long ago, I published an Aulora Basic Top review article on this blog.

I wrote about me and my husband’s personal experience wearing the Kodenshi shirt from BE International Marketing.

If you want to read the review, please click the link below.

[Aulora Basic Top Review – Sharing My Personal Experience]

Aulora Basic Top size

The Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi comes in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The picture above shows ladies wearing the Kodenshi shirt in difference sizes.

Which of the lady above is similar to your body size? You can use that as a size guide for yourself.

In my Kodenshi shirt review article, I wrote about one of the hidden benefits of wearing the Aulora Basic Top to sleep.

Wearing the shirt to sleep actually helped to reduce my husband’s snoring.

At first I wasn’t very sure and I told my husband about it. My husband told me he has no idea at all because he was sound asleep.

How can I confirm this?

For the next couple of days, I actually take note of my husband’s snoring when he is sleeping.

It is normal for me to wake up in the middle of the night because my daughter will call for me to help her to go to the toilet.

True enough, I did notice my husband’s snoring is lessen while wearing the Aulora Basic Top.

Is this happening only on my husband? I was very curious.

Recently, I saw a similar Aulora Basic Top testimony where a user claimed she also noticed the same thing with her husband’s snoring.

Below is a screen capture of the WhatsApp message exchange.

Aulora Basic Top Testimonial

This is very interesting indeed.

The Aulora Basic Top can now help all the wives suffering from sleepless night due to their husband’s loud snoring.

If you are looking for a solution to help lessen your husband’s loud snoring, by all means, give the Aulora Basic Top a try.

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