8 Critical Things To Attracting The Right Downline

In this article, I thought of sharing some key things you must do in order to attract the right people into your multi level marketing (MLM) business.

Learning on Zoom

Hello, my name is Lynn and I am a professional network marketer located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I have been building my network marketing business full time since March 2018.

Currently, I have my business partners located in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

If you are building a business using the MLM model, you know one of the life blood of your business is recruiting or sponsoring people into your team.

What type of people do you want to recruit into your network marketing team?

For my MLM business, there are 2 types of people that I usually recruit into my business.

They are:

  • Consumer
  • Business partner

A consumer is quite straight forward.

They want to register as a member of the direct selling company to use the product.

They have no interest to build the business whatsoever.

It’s fine.

I love consumers in my business.

I will follow up with them regularly to offer customer service for them.

How about business partner?

A business partner is someone that has seen the company’s marketing and compensation plan and would like to build the business.

From my experience, many people like the idea of building a secondary income source.

They’ve chosen the MLM business model because it is low risk and low capital needed.

These are the people that I would spend more time to teach and guide them how to build the business.

There are 3 criteria that I look for in order for me to commit my time and energy on them.

These criteria are:

  • Has a strong desire
  • Willing to learn
  • Willing to work hard and scarify to achieve their dream

The people that have the 3 criteria above are the ideal person I want to be part of my MLM business team.

How do you find these people?

To find the ideal people for your team, you can follow the 8 steps below.

1. Connect with people

Firstly, where do you find people for your MLM business?

You can find them everywhere on the web.

You can find them using your personal Facebook profile, Facebook fan page, Instagram, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, search engine etc.

There are so many online platform that you can use to find people for your business.

After you’ve found them, the important step is to “connect with them”.

Connecting with people is step number one.

2. Find their need or a pain

How do you find the person’s need or pain?

Simple, you find the person’s need or pain by asking questions.

Here’s a tip, when you are getting close to finding the person’s need or pain, you have dig deeper.

Ask more questions to find out why it is so important for them to find a solution for their need or pain.

3. Offer a solution

When you are offering a solution, you don’t ask the person to join your team immediately.

That is not the best way to do it.

Tell them that you have a solution for their need or pain.

The person may or may not like the solution…make no promises to them.

All he or she has to do is check out the solution you are offering by themselves.

The way I do it is by getting them on a Zoom Meeting call.

4. Get them on a Zoom Meeting call

I understand in the new norm, most of us are working from home and we communicate so much using Messenger or WhatsApp.

It is so convenient not to have to call people.

I totally understand that.

However, if you want to build a successful MLM business, you’ll need to do more than just text messages.

You need to be different and get them on a Zoom Meeting call.

Zoom Live

Above is a picture of me doing a Zoom call with a potential business partner.

Time is a valuable asset.

If the person is willing to spend an hour listening to you on a Zoom call, that is a great sign that the person has the 3 key criteria you are looking for in a business partner.

When you are in the Zoom meeting, ask them more questions.

Where do they see themselves in the next 3 years?

What seems to be getting in their way?

You can get more clarification during the Zoom call.

5. Ask the main question

Step number 5 is to ask them the key question.

Are they willing to be part of your network marketing team?

You need to ask where they are at currently.

Are they totally married to their job or business?

Or are they willing to try something new and join you in your network marketing business?

If they say Yes, great and you get them signed up as your business partner.

If they say No, that’s OK also and you keep in touch with them.

I’ll share more about that in the last step.

6. Assume the sale

When they say they are willing to be part of your team, go ahead a send them the link to register as a member of the company you are working with.

Help them with the member registration process.

7. Add them to your group

Now that they have signed up as a business partner, you should add them into your personal WhatsApp or Facebook Group.

You should have a group for your prospect.

A separate group for your customers.

And a private group for all of your business partners.

This is how you use technology to leverage your time for communication purposes.

Who doesn’t like less work and more money 🙂

8. Follow up and build relationship

If the person does not join your team, you are going to continue follow up with them.

I call it as “incubation”.

Keep sharing more value with them.

Check in with them regularly and build a relationship.

Offer a human connection.

Most people do not care which company you are in.

They don’t even care what product you are selling.

They are looking for two things.

They are looking for a human connection and someone that can lead them to achieve their dream.

Reason they don’t join

Sometimes, even after you’ve done all the right step, your prospect still will not join you.

There is as if a WALL between you and your prospect.

None of prospect will ever admit this, yet there is ONE reason they’re not joining your business.

It’s practically a solid brick wall standing between you and them.

An “invisible force,” if you will, that’s keeping them from saying “yes” to your opportunity.

Trusted platform

I’m talking about TRUST.

Or, in this case…LACK of trust.

Which, let’s be honest, describes most of your prospects.

And not only do they not trust you…they also don’t trust themselves.

This plants the seeds of doubt in their mind.

Making them suspicious of you, your company, and your products.

And it creates resistance and reluctance to try anything new.

Why? You may ask…

Because, they’ve heard it all before.

It is nothing personal.

The sad fact of the matter is that in today’s age, people are overexposed to offers and are thus skeptical of pretty much every claim they see.

How can you blame them?

I mean, we’ve ALL been burnt before, and gotten our hopes and dreams dashed, right?

I know I sure have.

And soon enough, you simply stop believing the hype and ignore any big, lofty promises.

Not to mention that considering the overwhelming amount of advertisers cluttering up your potential prospect’s inbox and Facebook News Feed.

This is a REAL issue.

And what’s worse, it is not going to get any easier for the average network marketer.

That being said, if you’re reading this article today, you’re already ahead of the competition.

Because, frankly without trust, they will NOT buy.

And they sure as heck won’t join you.

There you have it, the 8 critical things you must do to attract the right business partner into your network marketing / MLM business.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was useful for you.

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