Zencoso Ball Augmented Reality (AR) Product Launching

On the 13th June 2020 on exactly 3:13 pm, BE International officially launched its new product, the Zencoso Chewable Ball!

Zencoso Ball Launch 1

How was the launch event?

If you ask me, I would say it is really amazing!

This is a first time in my life that I’ve seen a company bold enough to spend so much money, time and effort to launch a new product using Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the midst of a Covid-19 global pandemic.

Hat’s off to BE International, you are simply amazing.

The launched event was a done using professional video recording studio quality with live MC and speech from the founder of BE International, Ir Lee Suet Sen.

The launch event was simultaneously broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Below are some highlight pictures of the Zencoso Ball launch event.

Ir Lee Suet Sen

Ir Lee Suet Sen going through his notes before the launch broadcast going live.

Recording studio

The technical and support team behind the launch.

Launch event going live

Zencoso Chewable Ball launch event going live!

AR in Brazil

Augmented Reality in the rain forest of Brazil.

AR inside airplace

Ir Lee inside the Augmented Reality private jet flying to Japan.

Flying to Japan

17,000 km flying across the globe.

In Japan

Augmented Reality autumn season in Japan.

Summer Japan

Augmented Reality spring season in Japan.

Winter Japan

Augmented Reality winter season in Japan.

Summer in Japan

Augmented Reality summer season in Japan.

Brazil and Japan

Combining the ingredients from both Brazil and Japan.

Zencoso Ball

Introducing the new Zencoso Chewable Ball from BE International.

To watch the entire Zencoso Ball launch event on Facebook, click here.

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