Shiruto Helped To Relieve My Daughter’s Fever

In this post, I thought of sharing my personal experience giving Shiruto to my youngest daughter.

Shiruto by BE International

One day back in end of February 2019, my youngest daughter who is 5 years old came back from her kindergarten.

It was a normal weekday. She had her lunch at my parent’s place and then she took a nap. It was a normal weekday routine.

When my daughter woke up from her nap, I noticed she had a slight temperature on her body.

She was feeling moody and I thought…oh no, she is coming down with a fever.

Kids having a fever is a normal occurance that we parents have to deal with.

Previously whenever my children have a fever, I will give them 5 ml of liquid Uphamol.

Uphamol 250

Uphamol contains Parecetamol and normally whenever my children has a fever, I will give to them once every 4 hours.

This time I wanted try if Shiruto could help to relieve my daughter’s fever.

I have read many testimonials on Facebook claiming Shiruto helped to relieve their flu symptoms.

I wanted to know if it will help with my daughter’s fever.

So, I gave my youngest daughter a pack of 1 gram Shiruto sachet to consume.

She then eat a light dinner, showered and went to sleep.

In the next morning, I could still feel a slight fever on my daughter’s body and I decided to give her another sachet of Shiruto.

By evening time, my youngster daughter is back to her normal self.

Previously whenever my daughter has a fever, it will usually lead to a cough, running nose and then sore throat.

If the syptoms did not went away after 2 days, I would have no choice but to take her to the pediatrician near my house.

A trip to the clinic will cost at least RM90!

This time around, I am quite pleased that Shiruto did managed to clear my daughter’s fever and saving us a trip to the doctor.

Before I end this article, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog. The content above are for informational and educational purposes only.

What worked for my daughter may or may not work for you.

Thank you for reading this short article and I hope my sharing was informative to you.

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