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Why the BE International business is a GOLDEN opportunity in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia?

Technique and Mindset

In this article, I thought of sharing the key points that I’ve learnt from a live video sharing done by my friend, Shida.

Who is Shida?

Shida is a successful property agent in Singapore.

Throughout her professional careers, she had tried different types of home business ventures.

In the end, Shida settled into building her network marketing business using the platform offered by BE International.

Shida is now one of the top Independent Business Owner (IBO) with BE International and also one of the company’s top income earner.

What was the reason Shida decided to build her BE business?

Shida shared 3 key elements that she found very important in her business journey with BE International.

Shida sharing

Above is a screen capture of the video sharing by Shida.

In the video, Shida mentioned that she have tried many types of businesses.

She has only one end aim in starting her businesses which is to be with her kids when they are growing up.

The types of business she did always changes according to the market demand and also regulations.

Then she discovered network marketing and fell in love with the business.

In the video, Shida shared the challenges she experienced from trying to build her own business such as:

  • Lack of capital
  • Hard work
  • Administration issues
  • Technology
  • Procurement / supplier
  • Shipping restriction etc.

According to Shida, in network marketing business with BE International, 80% of the business challenges have already been taken cared of by the company.

These are:

  • Product research and development
  • Product quality
  • Start up capital
  • Product delivery to customers

What she love most about the BE business is the option to build her business around her children.

Shida also warned that not all network marketing companies have the same marketing plan.

If the marketing plan is not good, it doesn’t matter how much effort you put into building the business, you may not get your desired result.

3 things that Shida discovered with BE International as an ideal business are:

  • Right mentor
  • Right platform
  • Right products

In her closing advise, Shida in the video said to “Give yourself a chance to check out the BE International business opportunity.”

According to her, if she did not research the BE business in the year 2019, she would have done a disservice to her children.

If you would like to watch the video by Shida, please click the link below.

[Click here to watch Shida’s video on YouTube]

As an interesting side note, below is a video that I found where Tim Sales, an expert in the network marketing industry, did a comparison between a network marketing business versus a real estate or property agent business.

MLM vs Real Estate

Click on the picture above to watch the video on YouTube.

Thank you for reading this article.

During the pandemic period, we are constantly exposed to negative news online and offline.

Hopefully, the video shared by Shida gave you some positive encouragement.

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