BE International Success – A Lawyer’s Journey In MLM

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In this article, I will be sharing the story of network marketing business leaders from Malaysia.

If you didn’t know, my wife and I have been building our network marketing business since March 2018.

The company we partnered with is call BE International.

BE International is registered company which has the Akta Jualan Langsung (AJL) license from the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to conduct its business.

BE now has international offices and distribution channel in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

One of the top selling product from the company is the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi from Japan.

Most probably you’ve heard of the pants because it has gone viral on social media for the last couple of years.

For our business, I’ve created an online brand for my wife which is Mommy Lynn.

You can follow our progress in our business from our blog.

In the BE business, just like with all the other network marketing business opportunity, there are certain rankings.

The highest ranking at BE is call the Royal Crown Council Ambassador or RCCA.

How do you get to RCCA level?

The criteria for you to reach the RCCA rank is to have a minimum of 7 leadership lines with a set income received from BE for a period of 24 months period.

The criteria are actually quite high, that is why only a handful of people are able to achieve it.

If you are lucky enough to meet a BE International RCCA, you know he or she a is high caliber leader in the network marketing industry.

How many RCCAs are there in BE?

Let me explain.

BE International was setup at end of 2017.

It is a young company, but with its youthfulness and its ability to change and adapt quickly to changing market condition, the company has been growing very fast.

At the time I’m writing this article, there are already 49 RCCAs!

Most of the RCCAs actually came out in 2020 and 2021 when Malaysia was under Movement Control Order (MCO).

You may be wondering, who are the people reaching the RCCA level?

What are their background?

That’s the reason I wrote this article which is to share their story.

In this article I’m going to share the story of a former lawyer from Malaysia.

His name is RCCA TY Low.


When TY first got started in his journey with BE, he has no idea how to even sell the Aulora Pants.

According to TY, the pants look like any ordinary black leggings you can get in the night market.

But the price is obviously not a pasar malam price!

Yet, today, TY is the fastest promoted RCCA.

He is known as the Cut Queue King because he got to the RCCA rank in just 11 months.

However, a career in the MLM industry was never in TY’s list of career choices.

He grew up dreaming of becoming a rich a famous lawyer.

So, upon obtaining his Bachelor of Laws from University of Wales, TY returned to Malaysia and joined one of the top law firms.

He worked hard and working overtime was the norm for him.

His computer was his loyal companion and he had no social life at all.

TY had a promising legal future but reality took him to a different path.

After spending 5 years of his life in the law firm, he lost his work-life balance, had no social life and suffered poor health due to work stress.

He was desperate for friends and dying to talk to people.

In reality, working in a law firm was far from what he had expected.

They say money cannot buy happiness, but without money, TY would have to continue his hectic, miserable life in the law firm.

So what was the alternative for TY?

Surprisingly, he joined the MLM industry with BE International.

According to TY, “I thought if BE could give me a balanced life if I invested 3 years of hard work, I would work my butt off in BE”.

And worked hard he did.

To catapult his success, TY attended BE’s many motivation events and learned from successful people.

Gradually, he became confident.

Before, TY used to envy successful businessmen but now, he can look them in the eyes, and boldly ask them, “Why don’t you join me in BE?”.

TY worked as hard to build his BE business as he did in the law firm, and saw 10 times more results!

This inspired him to dream bigger.

Now, his goal is to achieve financial abundance.

I want to share a comment I read from TY:

“The only way I can achieve financial abundance is to ensure my downlines achieve financial abundance too. This is the beauty of BE. I have to help others if I want to succeed.”

There you have it, the story of BE International Cut Queue King, RCCA TY Low.

TY Low story

In the above, I’ve made a video recording sharing the story of RCCA TY Low.

Click on the picture above to watch the video on YouTube.

That’s all for my sharing and I hope you’ve gained some value from this article.

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