Functional Food For Hair Growth – A New Solution For Hair Loss?

Recently, there has been a lot of excitement in regards to a type of functional food in Malaysia, a botanical beverage mix drink from a local company.

Apparently, many people have been experiencing hair growth after consuming the product.

Even myself had received a few enquiries asking me if the product can help them to solve their hair loss problem.

When the botanical beverage mix drink was launched back in January 2019, the product was marketed as a vitamin or supplement meant to help to regulate your body immune system.

When your immune system is inactive, the product is meant to give it a boost and reactivate the immune cells known as macrophages.

It is the reactivated immune cells which help to get rid of pathogens, viruses, bacteria etc from your body.

Launch event with scientist from Japan

During the launching of the functional food supplement, the company has invited Dr. Hiroyuki Inagawa to give a presentation to the attendees.

My husband and I were at the briefing and we took some notes. You can check out our notes of the presentation here.

During the presentation, Dr. Inagawa showed a couple of slides. One of the slide was called “Oral intake of IP-PA1 in mouse hair growth model”.

Dr. Inagawa said during clinical test, IP-PA1, the key ingredients in the product was used on mouse and they recorded positive results from the test.

The mouse with bald patches were given IP-PA1 and after a certain time period, the scientists noticed hair growth on the mouse.

The attendees during the presentation were very excited and myself included.

However, I didn’t want to market it as a solution for hair loss angle because the test was done on mouse, not human being.

Since the product launch event, I have been promoting the botanical food beverage mix drink as a vitamin to regulate our immune system.

I remember during the talk, Dr. Inagawa said there are still a lot about IP-PA1 that the scientists in Japan are not aware of.

Dr. Inagawa has been researching IP-PA1 for more than 30 years and that shows you the incredible potential of the substance that has yet to be discovered.

BE International, in my opinion, is one of the best multi level marketing company in Malaysia because all the product that the company launched are unique, scientifically proven and high quality.

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I hope my sharing above has been helpful for you.

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