MLM Success Stories – An Insurance Agent’s Journey

In this article, I will share with you the story of a successful insurance agent which was a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) recipient and why she decided to build a network marketing / multi level marketing (MLM) business using the platform offered by BE International.

BE International Opportunity

Before that, what is BE International.

BE International is one of the fastest growing direct sales company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The company also has its international branch offices and distribution channel in other South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

BE International with its global aspiration is a member of reputable direct selling association such as:

  • Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)
  • Direct Selling Association of Singapore (DSAS)
  • Indonesian Direct Selling Association (APLI)

If you have tried network marketing or MLM business before, you know the company has different business ranking. It is the same with the company.

BE International rankings are:

  • Independent Business Owner (IBO)
  • Ambassador
  • Sapphire Ambassador
  • Ruby Ambassador
  • Emerald Ambassador
  • Diamond Ambassador
  • Crown Ambassador
  • Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA)

The highest ranking in the BE business is the Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA).

Now that you know the different ranking in BE International, I want to share with you the story of a lady I know.

Her name is Ing.

Ing was an insurance agent who’s very successful in her career.

She was a Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) recipient.

However, she left her successful insurance career and built her network marketing / MLM business with BE International.

Ing made a complete change of her career!

What made her changed her career?

When I first heard Ing’s story, I was very curious and wanted to know the answer.

Luckily, Ing was very willing to share her story and she did a couple of live interviews on social media to share her journey with BE.

Successful Leader

Firstly, know that previously Ing was very anti-MLM.

She has no interest in direct selling or the MLM industry whatsoever.

One of Ing’s biggest fear is MLM!

She does not believe anyone can make money from MLM.

Being an insurance agent, she sold large insurance policy to successful businessmen.

None of her insurance business customers were in the MLM industry.

Ing concluded that to be successful, you don’t get into direct selling.

But what made her changed her perception?

It was the ease of starting the BE business and also the guidance of her mentor.

Embracing change

How did Ing got involved with BE International?

Surprising, it was from one of the product of BE which is the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Ing was introduced to BE International and the Aulora Pants through social media.

Ing, being a women was searching for a product to help her to look better and to look slimmer.

She found the ideal product which was the Aulora Pants.

Back then, Ing has stopped her insurance business due to a bout of depression.

She bought the Aulora Pants, wore it and benefitted from the pants.

At first, she didn’t even know BE International is a MLM company.

Nonetheless, she loved the product.

What made her changed her mind about the BE business?

Ing was very fearful at first.

She was waiting for her sponsor / upline to ask her to stock up.

Ing waited for 4 months when her upline will ask her to buy stock to keep at home but it never happened.

But within that 4 months, Ing has already achieved the Emerald Ambassador ranking.

The income from her BE International business was very good.

That was when she really look into the BE International marketing plan.

Ing realised the BE business is very different compared to an insurance business.

Firstly, for an insurance business, the product is intangible.

As for the BE International business, the product are all tangible.

In Ing’s insurance business, she had to compare the plan from her company with the plan from other insurance company.

Ing doesn’t like the “comparing with competitors” game.

In the BE International business, the company’s founders only highlight the benefits of their product but never talk negatively about their competitor’s product.

The founders and leaders in BE lead by example.

Whatever they do will be followed by their downlines.

Ing also saw the implementation of the same system, culture and teachings from the top all the way to the bottom.

Ing likes the culture in BE International the best.

There is no in fighting with each other.

Everyone within the BE business, even though they are from different lines are willing to share and help each other.

Furthermore, in the BE International business, Ing found that everyone can do it and become successful.

It is very different in the insurance business.

Based on Ing’s experience, only a selected people can be successful in the insurance industry to become MDRT.

In the BE International business, if you are willing to work hard and following a proven business building strategy, you will become successful.

Ing embraced change in her life and started her new network marketing career by partnering with BE International.

My personal experience

My career path is very different from Ing.

I have never done insurance business before.

Zoom teaching session

Above is a picture of me conducting a training session with my team members on Zoom.

I was a Human Resource (HR) manager and also the personal assistant to the executive director of a stationary manufacturing company in Kuala Lumpur.

However, I resigned from my job when I got married to my husband and became a full time housewife and mother.

After more than 6 years not working, I tried to get back into employment but was unsuccessful due to my 6+ years gap of not working.

Out of desparation, I had to start a home business.

Without have much capital nor business or sales experience, I decided to make use of the business platform offered by BE International.

Similar to Ing, I got into BE International through the product which is the Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Back then, I was looking for a solution to help relieve my back ache and leg cramps.

I was told that the Aulora Pants can help and decided to give it a try.

After wearing the Aulora Pants for a week, I found that the pants did help to relieve my back ache and leg cramps.

That gave me confidence to start sharing the Aulora Pants with my friends and family members.

In March 2018, I started to build my network marketing business.

Throughout my business career with BE International, similar to Ing’s experience, I was never asked by my sponsor nor my upline to buy large amount of stock to keep at home either.

As of today, I have achieved the Crown Ambassador ranking with BE International.

My next goal is to achieve the Royal Crown Council Ambassador (RCCA)…just like Ing.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope it was helpful for you.

Before I end, please take some time to read the disclaimer page on this blog.

The write up above is for information and educational purposes only.

If you are not sure, please do further research to find the answer your are looking for.

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